Minggu, 18 September 2011

Root Canal Treatment-Endodontics Lecture notes-PowerPoint Presentation

Aims Of Endodontic Treatment

Biologic aims
a) To remove all the debris support to bacterial growth
b) To destroy all micro-organisms from the root canal

Mechanical aims
c) Prepare root canal space for three dimensional filling
d) To obturate prepared canal in order to completely seal from both apical (at the cemento-enamel junction) and coronal seal

Root treated with a poor obturation but good coronal restoration had prognosis than good obturation and poor coronal restoration (Ray and Trope-1995).
Whatever the obturation system used if the canal system has not been adequately cleaned healing may not occur (Carrotte- 2004)

Indication for root canal treatment
Post space insufficient tooth substance for normal restoration
Over denture
Teeth with doubtful pulp
Periodontal disease
Pulpal sclerosis following trauma      Root Canal Treatment

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