Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Causes of Xerostomia

Organic cauases

· Sjogrens syndrome

· Irradiation

· Mumps

· HIV infection

· HCV infection

· Sarcoidosis

· Amyloid

· Iron deposition(haemochromatosis,thalassaemia)

Funtional causes

· Dehydration

· Fluid deprivation or loss

· Haemorrhage

· Persistent diarrhoea and or vomiting

· Psycogenic(anxiety states,depression)

· Drugs


· Diuretic overdose

· Drugs with antimuscarinic effect

Atropine,ipratropium,hyoscine and other analogues

Tricyclic and some other antidipressants

Antiemetics(including anti histamines and phenothiazenes)

Neuroleptic,particularly phenothiazenes

· Some older antihypertensives(ganglion blockers and clonidine)

· Drugs with sympathomimetic actions

'cold cures' containingg ephidrine,etc.



Appetite supressants particularly amphetamines

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