Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Lateral periodontal cyst and Sialodontogenic cyst

Key features of Lateral periodontal cyst and varients

Lateral periodontal cyst

· Developmental cyst that form beside a vital tooth

· Usually seen ny chance in routine radiographs

· Resemble other odontogenic cysts radiographically,apart from position near the crest of the ridge

· Cause no symptoms but can erode through the bone to extend in to th gingiva

· Microscopically,the lining is squamous or cuboidal epithelium,frequently only one or two cells thick,sometimes with focal thickenings

· Some cells may have clear cytoplasm

· Respond to enucleation

· The relate tooth can be retained if healthy

Sialo-odontogenic cyst

· Also rare and with many features in common with botryoid odontogenic cysts

· Frequently multi locular

· Microscopically,pools of mucin and mucous cells present in the epithelium

· Has a strong tendancy to recur

· Should be consevatively excised

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