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Radicular cyst

Radicular Cyst

· Most common type(Between 20-60yrs)

· Slowly progressing pain less swelling

· Pain and rapid exantion if inflammation/infection occurs.

· First swelling is hard,then become thinner and thinner.(creckling sensation->then fluctuent bluish colour swelling when par of the wall is entirely resorbed.

· Epithelium derived from-epithelial cell rests of malassez-stratified squamous epithelium.Hyaline/Rushton bodies may be seen in the epi.

· Cyst capsule-Colagenous fibrous connective tissue.

· Clefts-within the cyst capsule there are often areas split up by the fine needle shaped clefts.

key features

· form in bone in relation to the root of non vital tooth

· arise by epithelial proliferation in an apical granuloma

· usually asymptomatic unless infected

· Diagnosis-radiograph+non vital tooth+histology

· Do not recur after complete enucleation

· Residual cysts can remain after the causative tooth has been extracted and diagnosis is then less obvious

· Cholesterol crystals often seen in the cyst fluid but not specific to radicular cyst.

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