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Cysts of the jaws

Classification of cyst of the jaws

Developmental cyst


· Gingival cysts of infants (epstain pearls)

· Odontogenic kerato cyst(primodial cyst)

· Orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst

· Dentigerous (follicular cyst)

· Eruption cyst

· Lateral periodontal cyst

· Gingival cyst of adults

· Glandular odontogenic;sialoodontogenic cyst

Non-odontogenic cyst

· Nasopalatine duct cyst

· Nasolabial cyst

Inflammatory odontogenic cyst


· Residual

· Lateral


Key features of jaw cysts

· Form sharply defined radiolucencies with smooth borders.

· Fluid may be aspirated and thin walled cysts may be trans illuminated.

· Grow slowly,displacing rather than resorbing teeth.

· Symptoms unless infected and are frequently chance radiographic findings.

· Rarely large enough to cause pathological fracture.

· Form compressible and fluctuent swellings if extending in to soft tissues.

· Appear bluish when close to the mucosal surface

Major factors in the pathogenisis of the cyst formation

· proliferation of epithelial lining and fibrous capsule

· hydrostatic pressure of cystic fluid

· resorption of surrounding bone.

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