Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Dentigerous cyst

Dentigerous Cyst

· Arises in the bone and surrounds the crown of the tooth and is a dilation of the follicle.

· Attached to the neck of the tooth.

· Dentigerous cyst can cause pain or no pain.

· Affected teeth id often displaced.

· commonly associated with unerupted third molars and canines.

· Diagnosis-Radiograph+histological

· May be mistaken radiographically for an odontogenic keratocyst or ameloblastoma.

· Respond to enucleation or masupialisation and do not recur after treatment.

· Occationally pseudoloculation as a resault of trabeculation or ridging of the bony wall can be seen.

· Slow growth causes sclerotic bony outline and well defined cortex.

· Lining of dentigerous cyst typycally consist of thin,sometimes bilaminar,stratified epithellium,frequently with numerous mucous cells.

· Epithelium may be occationally keratinized by metaplasia.

· Fibrous wall similar as Radicular cyst but inflammatory changes are typicaly absent.

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