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Dermoid and epidermoid cyst

Dermoid Cyst

· Cyst of soft tissue

· Commnly occur sublingually

· Developmental abnormality or branchial arches/pharyngeal pouches

· Develop belween hyoid and jaw or many form immediatly beneththe tongue

· Filled with desquamated keratin(sometimes)giving a semisolid(salty) like consistancy.

· Have dermal appendages in the wall->give the name dermoid cyst

· Dermoid cyst is a form of cystic teratoma which is similar to structure of dermis

· Derived from embryonic germinal epithelium/acquired entrapted skin/mucosa

· Lined by stratified squamous epithelium and contain skin appendages such as sebaceous glands in CT wall

· Dermoid cysts in the head and neck region appearing symmetrical swellings in the floor of mouth

· There are presumed to derived by entrapment of epithelium remnents during closure of mandibular and hyoid branchial arches

· Sublingual type produce bulge in floor of mouth

· Submental type produce bulge in submental arch(dough-like on palpation)

Epidermoid Cyst

· Small epidermoid cysts may also be found in the tongue,soft palate,buccal mucosa and lips where they are considered to be acquired lesions resaulting from traumatic implantation of surface epithelium

Simple lesions without skin appandages are epidermoid cysts

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